Dear Xploration Centre friends, fans, and family,

Today, I bring you a big update on all that has been happening, a reflection on lessons learned, a celebration of some of our achievements, and a look at our next steps forward.

Xploration Centre has been on an incredible journey over the past 8-months with your generous collaboration carrying us ever closer to our shared goal of transforming the education model for our children here on Vancouver Island and ultimately, for the world. Thank you to all of you amazing souls who have and continue to contribute to this great mission.

Let’s quickly recap some of the history to date.

It all began in November 2016 when Synergetic Guide, Phil Moore, came to Vancouver Island to facilitate a community gathering about the future of education with Dr. Shefali at Sunset Labs. That catalyst event launched the Xploration Centre vision, as we took the first eager steps on our journey.

Then in January, Phil Moore and I were invited to Archangel Masters where our short film on the possibility of Xploration Centre premiered to a standing ovation of mission-driven entrepreneurs and modern-day superheroes.

March was our next milestone with the launch of a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign that invited all of you fellow game changers to contribute to a collective vision of bringing a love-based education to every child on the planet; a new paradigm school where children discover their purpose and passion through exploration in nature and by developing healthy relationships to exponential technologies. With your help we raised almost $170,000 to kickstart an ambitious mission to open doors in fall of 2017.

This was a momentous occasion for me personally because I got to spend time at Upland Hills where Phil has been living a love-based education for the last 45 years and was launching Conscious Teachers 2.0. There, we got to sit down with none other than Deepak Chopra who offered an amazing testimonial calling Xploration Centre 'the way of the future'.

In April we brought on our amazing Director Elinor Bazar, who has extensive experience with nature and play based education, augmented with consciousness-expanding technology like neurofeedback. We also gained notice from the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears who produced a parody video to help support our mission.

June was another auspicious month for Xploration Centre. Phil and I spent time in Barcelona amongst a global community centred around the goal of transformational education. A powerful roundtable discussion was held around the future of education, with key highlights that will be featured in an upcoming documentary. This event helped to broaden the network of allies and supporters for this movement.

As we reflect on these amazing achievements, we also need to acknowledge our areas of challenge, learning, and growth.

Much like building a space vehicle while travelling through space, we have been developing our strategy while moving forward. With the urgent global need to invent a new educational paradigm, our momentum was fueled by the contributions of parents, children, and teachers who shared our dreams of schools filled with love.

With this magnitude of support, we set an ambitious timeline to open the doors of Xploration Centre in September 2017. Despite our best efforts to find a suitable site, we were not able to meet this goal.

When this reality became clear, we were crestfallen. Our team wanted to under-promise and over deliver, not the other way around. Many people had prepared to dedicate years to this vision and the last thing we wanted to do was make commitments that we couldn’t uphold.

We recognize that this change has impacted everyone involved and want to acknowledge the faith and trust that you have invested in our team. As we refine our strategy for development and growth, we remain committed to being transparent, accessible and accountable to you, our community of supporters.

We are all deeply excited to walk through the classrooms, halls & gardens of Xploration Centre, surrounded by laughing, curious, loving children. Here we’ll together open the doors to a whole new possible future for Vancouver Island children, and while we must wait a little bit longer to do so - we know it will be well worth any tribulations it took to get there.

We remain deeply committed to this outcome, and ask that you do too - for nothing shy of tremendous sustained community support will have this love-based education become real in the world - and we strongly believe the world could use as much love as possible these days.

As we move into the next steps on our journey, we will:

  1. Develop an operational and strategic plan for X1
  2. Develop and share open-source Xploration curriculum
  3. Deepen community outreach and collaboration
  4. Find a home for Xploration Centre that resonates with our vision and values
  5. Continue building and refining the Xploration Centre mission

We at Xploration Centre are committed to help pave the way for a better future for our children, our children's children, and the many generations to come.

Thank you for all the energy you have given us so far, and we are grateful for your continued support for this collective dream. Your questions, comments, feedback, ideas and resources are highly encouraged - and please stay tuned as we will be updating you regularly as we work towards the imminent birthing of the first ever Xploration Centre.

Big Love,

Gordy and the Xploration Team

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